ZS Study Advisors

Study & Career Counseling

Our persistence is admirable that stretches towards the student support and endures their goals with clarity and strategic interventions. 

A career counselor is a qualified individual who is trained to provide help to people in the selection of their degree, admission processes and career decisions. The best possible direction is provided to the students through them. 

Many students in Pakistan are completely unaware of the overseas educational and career opportunities available to them. The career counselor can bring awareness to the best available possibilities according to the needs and requirements by cross-checking and assessing qualifications. 

ZS Study Advisors

Admission Guidance

The selection of an appropriate counselor lends credence to the admission process and translates into successful university admission. At Z.S Study Advisors, the highly specialized services are provided to the students to achieve this goal. 

ZS Study Advisors

Study Visa Assistance

A study permit ensures the entry of the student into the desired country of the chosen educational institution.  

The student visa eligibility criteria depend on the country the student is aiming for. At Z.S Study Advisors, the counselors are outfitted to help the students with all the essential information and intelligence about the visa through extension of quality counseling services to the students while maintaining their privacy. The student is routinely updated about the step wise application progress.